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Morris T


And other embarrassing facts about me. Please come on in, I am rather shy.

Photo of the author at a dog shelter.
Photo of the author at a dog shelter.
Photo of the author at a dog shelter.

My latest story

Part 3 of an epic tragedy. A puppy love that brought me the brightest and darkest moments of life.

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Welcome and have a seat

Hello! Kind of you to drop by.

First, allow me to address that title.

Yes, I wept. Many times. Why? Because I watched the movies many times. I was the epitome of a Titanic fan. At one point, I memorized all the dialogs. Obviously, I did the “I am the king of the world. Woooah!” scene when no one was looking.

Ok! Let's continue.

I am rather melancholic by nature, but interestingly, I have a high level…


Life demands that I prioritize, and I chose you.

Illustration by Author on

It has been a while.

Correction, it has been a long while!

Flooded by an onslaught of obligations and responsibilities, time as a resource has become critically short for me. I am heartened by the concern shown by wonderful people such as Rahul Anand and Ching Ching. It brings a smile to me, knowing that someone is kind to me.

Well, I missed writing. I really do. Even as I work on this editorial, comforting feelings reemerge to greet me. The process of getting my thoughts out in words always brings about a therapeutic effect.

So why not write, you…


Yes, like a physical, living, and breathing you.

Alterations by the author on Photo by David Garrison from Pexels

In quantum physics, things can exist or not exist at the same time. Even weirder is the possibility that different worlds may exist, where you lead a different life.

A German series on Netflix, Dark, spun together an enigmatic story that entwines the lives of several people, caught in a never-ending loop, spanning across generations. These characters with their own regrets and desires engaged in a tug of war with time and destiny.

It inspired me to conduct a thought experiment. Something that may help us discover our hidden regrets and desires. …


We are obsessed with fostering a safe and supportive community.

Image by the author using

Thank you for your kind interest in our community. Please read this article carefully as it contains important information.

When I founded RESONATES, it was from a moment of disappointment. I was a relatively new writer then and having bounced from communities to communities, publications to publications, I was feeling empty.

While my portfolio on Medium was small then, I believed that my dedication to my work was no less than anyone else. …


Someone scammed me in an online game.

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

I like to believe that everyone is fundamentally good at heart. And yes, I know. Most of you are probably laughing out loud. Some people’s actions make it appear as if they’ve just crawled out of hell.

Well, that's me. Call me naïve or stupid, but I can't and won’t change this aspect of myself. And of course, over the years I’ve been taken advantage of, played for a fool, lied to, and so forth.

So it happened again. This time in a virtual world, but with the same kind of humans. Seems like they are everywhere.


The Game

Upland is…


It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Illustration by the author on Image by Icons8_team from Pixabay

Whether you like it or not, Bitcoin is here to stay. As of 17 May 2021, it has a market capitalization of 814.7 billion USD.

My eyes are set on it for a long time, but one thing that makes me hesitate is that I’m not big on taking risks when it comes to trying new things.

I like my chances to be good.

I’m not interested in the traditional method of mining Bitcoins with a computer because I’d rather use it than have it slog all day. …


Yet it was one that I would bear.

Man standing in the rain.
Man standing in the rain.
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

“Hello. May I speak to Danielle please?”

“Yes? Morris?”

A sense of impending doom clutched my heart so tightly that it was a pain to breathe. Since love was a matter of the heart, then that feeling did not bode well. Yet foolish I remained, as my head refused to yield. Flower petals continued to float around us in this make-believe world of mine.

I had to get this done.

“Errmm. You know Danielle, school is starting soon, and we are probably not going to have much time .”

I could hear her take a deep breath. Nope. Not the…


In this issue, we step into a world of peaceful existence crafted by our writers.

RESONATES logo on a backdrop of a woman practicing yoga.
RESONATES logo on a backdrop of a woman practicing yoga.
Graphics by author via

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” — Thomas Merton

Life is not easy. And that's an understatement!

In the name of modern living, we chain ourselves to exorbitant standards of our own construct.

Being happy is no longer just being happy itself.

A pleasant apartment, fancy car, flawless complexion, inconsequential to life itself but taken upon to be prerequisites of a wonderful existence.

Do a deep dive into the hardships, stresses, and fatigue faced in exchange for these material possessions, one will realize that it is too much for too…


Get the low-down and collect 100 GALA coins free.

Additions by author on Photo by panumas nikhomkhai from Pexels

Make no mistake, crypto is everywhere.

The concept of a decentralized ledger is enticing, and the applications are blooming. Blockchain technology is slowly infusing into all aspects of our lives.

Gala Games is a revolution in the games industry. In their vision, you get the opportunity to own game items for real. For example, if you won a rare magical armor in-game, it is actually yours in the form of a verifiable asset on the blockchain. No one can take it away from you and you can trade it with another person or play in-game with it.

In an upcoming…


So now you can prank your friends in ultra-high definition.

A hand holding a mobile phone with the Youtube logo on screen.
A hand holding a mobile phone with the Youtube logo on screen.
Photo by from Pexels

Have you ever been Rickrolled?

Many times for me! As they say, good people are too trusting. HA! I just slipped in a #selfpraise moment. But seriously, I wished the quality of the music video was better. Since the joke was on me, I might as well take the opportunity to sing along and dance a bit.

For the uninitiated, Rickrolling is a prank and an Internet meme involving an unexpected appearance of the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. …

Morris T

Melancholic by nature, hopeful by choice. Dreams of a day when people are kind to each other. Former Banker and Educator. 🙆 🙆‍♂️

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